Friday, February 08, 2008

Rinjani Mountain

After visited Gili Trawangan, it is recommended that you – while test your physic – enjoy the extraordinary scine alongside the line towards mount Rinjani ( 3776 mdpl). It is the third highest mountain in Indonesia after Puncak Jaya Wijaya in Papua and Kerici mount in Sumatra. Rinjani also is one of the biggest volcano in Indonesia.

The landscapes around this active volcano are many, spread out along the savanna, tropical rain forest, pine plants, and a wide Kaldera lake. There are two popular lines towards the top of mountain. It is from Senaru or from Sembalun Lawang countryside. If you strart from Senaru, you will arrive at Kaldera lake (formed by the eruption of Rinjani mountain), as the first place. In the middle of Rinjani, there is a small Rinjani. At the side of Segara Anak lake, located at Rinjani, you can make a camp, an experience that will be a beautiful memories. Afterwards, from here you can continue to climb the top of Rinjani.

The line from Sembalun Lawang towards top of Rinjani doesn't pass the lake, but direct to the slope of the mountain which fulfill with pine forest. Here you can make a camp for a while, awaiting for morning, and then you can continue to climb or downwards to lake and go back through Senaru route. From top of Rinjani we can see the scine that’s really beautiful. That makes us not really tired after climbing the top during more than two hours.