Monday, February 18, 2008

Kampung Naga

The Kampung Naga was the traditional settlement widely the area approximately 4 ha. The location of the Kampung Naga tourist attraction was located in the part of the highway that connected Tasikmalaya - Bandung went through Garut, that is approximately in kilometre to 30 to the west of the Tasikmalaya city. Administratively the Kampung Naga including the Kampung Legok Dage Vilage Neglasari district Salawu regency Tasikmalaya

The attraction of the Kampung Naga tourist was located in the life that was unique from the community that was located in this Kampung Naga. Their life could associate with modern community, religious Islam, but still was strong look after his ancestors's Customs and Traditions.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Rinjani Mountain

After visited Gili Trawangan, it is recommended that you – while test your physic – enjoy the extraordinary scine alongside the line towards mount Rinjani ( 3776 mdpl). It is the third highest mountain in Indonesia after Puncak Jaya Wijaya in Papua and Kerici mount in Sumatra. Rinjani also is one of the biggest volcano in Indonesia.

The landscapes around this active volcano are many, spread out along the savanna, tropical rain forest, pine plants, and a wide Kaldera lake. There are two popular lines towards the top of mountain. It is from Senaru or from Sembalun Lawang countryside. If you strart from Senaru, you will arrive at Kaldera lake (formed by the eruption of Rinjani mountain), as the first place. In the middle of Rinjani, there is a small Rinjani. At the side of Segara Anak lake, located at Rinjani, you can make a camp, an experience that will be a beautiful memories. Afterwards, from here you can continue to climb the top of Rinjani.

The line from Sembalun Lawang towards top of Rinjani doesn't pass the lake, but direct to the slope of the mountain which fulfill with pine forest. Here you can make a camp for a while, awaiting for morning, and then you can continue to climb or downwards to lake and go back through Senaru route. From top of Rinjani we can see the scine that’s really beautiful. That makes us not really tired after climbing the top during more than two hours.

Gili Trawangan

There is no place which no people never visited than Gili Trawangan, because it’s likely a journey towards heaven. The landscape of Gili Trawangan, either undersea or surface, is very beautiful.

The local inhabitants take care the originality of the island lying at west of Lombok. Therefore motorcycles are prohibited in this area. Along the sandy pathway shifted the resident area to the beach, we only see footsteps, bicycle wheel, or delman.

Restaurant, shop souvenir, diving facilities, ten of cheap relative inn are spread over alongside this pathway. Afterwards, you may try to see the natural beauty of undersea landscape, and also two smaller other islands around Gili Trawangan, that is Gili Air and Gili Meno, which blue cobble that cannot be compared to Caribean sea and only be find in these places. In these places many of turtles can swim anywhere and without fear of divers.

Lombok Island, The Unspoiled Bali

From the silence of the top of Rinjani mountain until the peacefulness of blue cobble dwelt in foot of Gili Trawangan, it likely has not yet enough to depict the beauty of an island recognized as Lombok island.

Even the popularity of the island has just started in two last decade, many people said that Lombok is not least interesting than Bali, its neighbourg. Foreign countries tourist generally went to Lombok after visiting Bali.

One thing that making Lombok are visited more frequent than Bali is its nature. That’s why Lombok is called as "Unspoiled Bali", Bali with its nature/origin. From Kuta beach in south to Bangsal port in north, you will discover an amazing nature landscape you cannot depict it.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Cipta Gelar - Kasepuhan Banten Kidul

If you are bored playing in water, a day after or in the afternoon, you may climb directly Halimun mountain. Climb that mountain? No way! Our purpose is going to Kampung Ciptagelar.

People surroundings Sungai Citarik surely know aiming to Kampong Ciptagelar, the residence of Abah Anom in Bukit Halimun, precisely in countryside Sirnaresmi, Kecamatan Cisolok Kabupaten Sukabumi Jawa Barat. This is a famous place because of loneliness and beauty.

The really adventure are actually at along the length of journey during less three hours predominated by forest and land road which really hard. Forests through the street seem to make everlasting. People are fear to cut away the wood not because of covert areas, but because they respect to Abah Anom, the leader of highest custom of Kasepuhan Banten Kidul.

If you have a taft offroad car, you can try to make a track to Ciptagelar. Don’t forces youself to use non-offroad car, because it’s very dangerous and you may be thrown to crevasse. If you don’t have a car, the motorcycle can be the challenged choice.

And what will you get after residing in Ciptagelar countryside? Ciptagelar is a place of Banten Kidul custom community led by Abah Anom ( have you ever heard him?). Te freshness of its nature and peacefulness of its community will make you to release all of your saturations. Keep your attitude in a manner way in this village.

That village really likes as picturesque country in folklore. As of return from this place you will get new life energy. We assure that you will be fresh.

This community, although resides in isolate place, it does not mean that they don’t recognize modernity. Although they have recognized modernity, they keep firmly their tradition. Numbers of artist have ever visit to this residence of Abah Anom.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Natural Beauty of Curug Sewu Water Fall

Curug Sewu Water Fall located in area Sala Endah, Jawa Barat. . This waterfall not only offers natural beauty but also challenge for can come near it. Every one likes this place because have a natural beauty and trek field offering separate challenge.

Curug Sewu has separate fascination. Some part of journeys of towards the location is has challenged, in the form of as of steep tread and smooth. The main fascination of Curug Seribu Water Fall is the height of those waterfalls reach 100 meters with big water effusing.

Curug Sewu is residing in height of 200 meters above this sea level located in Town West Bogor. This Curug frequently visited by the nature lovers and tourist especially local. Even some foreign tourist also has ever visited it.

To reach location Curug Seribu, needs extra energy, because visitor must walk as far as one Km. Visitor also must beware of because passing steep footpath and smooth.

In this tourism object there are some facilities, which can be, enjoyed visitor for example MCK, mushola, camping ground, shelter, and booth eats.

It is not difficult to reaches Curug Seribu. If you came from outside Java from Bandara Soekarno Hatta went up bus Damri towards Terminal Baranang Sianq Bogor. Then went up city transport towards terminal Bubulak and continued by city transport rising towards Cobatok. Out of three Cibatok rising Angkot towards village Pasir Reungit or rising ojek, sepeda motor. From Pasir Reugit Village trekking towards spandrel Curug Seribu then buy admission ticket, has just then treads as of tread downwards rising until to Curug Seribu.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Madakaripura Waterfall

Near the village of Sapeh, district of Lumbang, about 33 km to the north east of Probolinggo, there is a spectacular waterfall known as Madakaripura. It is hidden in the dense forest of the mountain range of Tengger. It is very inspiring and adds the excitement of your visit to Mt. Bromo.

This waterfall is believed to be the sacred waterfall since it was right here that the Great Prime Minister of Majapahit, Gajah Mada, spent the rest of his life and practiced asceticism by meditating under this waterfall. Paying a visit to this object and enjoying the lush mountain greenery would be an unforgettable experience. Words cannot describe the magnificent Madakaripura adequately.

This object, with a height of 620 m above the sea level, is on a gentle slope with a friendly atmosphere. You can feel the roar as the water falls from a height of 200 m creating an awe-inspiring waterfall. It is more likely a happening of something that takes place in a fairy land.

The best time to see the falls is between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when the sun is high enough to light up the valley's bottom. One may bathe in the falls' pure natural water, which, it is said, cures rheumatism and all kinds of disorders besides preserving youth and vigor.

During the rainy season, visitors will have to be careful as overflowing may occur occasionally. Attention should be paid to notes of warning. This waterfall, which is quite easy to be visited, is just 6 km from Sukapura, the gateway of Mt. Bromo (www.

Tips for Flying

Celebrating Mountane Life

Now in its fifth year, communities living in the vicinity of five mountains in Central Java andYogyakarta gathered on Sept. 17 in Banyusidi village, Magelang, to celebrate the Five Mountains Festival.

Featuring a variety of traditional and con­temporary performances, the festival took place on the western slope of Mount Merbabu.

The cultural festival is largely a community event akin to a country fair, and thousands of residents from Mt. Merbabu, Mt. Merapi, Mt. Andong, Mt. Sumbing and Mt.Menoreh - who also, organized the festivities - arrived to revel in and cheer on the day's activities.
( The Jakarta Post, Sunday, October 1, 2006, pg. 24)

Appeasing a God

The Tengger tribe's most important celebration, Yadnya Kasada, commenced smoothly and without incident at the increasingly active Mount Bromo in Probolinggo, East Java.

Thousands of Tengger tribespeople, along with domestic and foreign tourists who had come to witness the annual fes­tival, gathered on Sept. 7 for the ritual procession up the mountain.

The Tengger are believed to be descendants of a 15th-cen­tury princess of the declining Majapahit kingdom, Roro Anteng, and her husband Joko Seger, who fled to eastern Java's Tengger mountains. According to legend, the childless couple climbed the volcano and prayed to Bromo's god, who granted their wish for children on condition that they would sacrifice their youngest to its crater.

This year's Kasada was colored by the heightened alert sta­tus of Mt. Bromo, from Level 2 (Code Yellow) to Level 3 (Code Orange). With a possible eruption hanging over the festivities, the start of Kasada was delayed several hours as the Tengger people prayed to calm the sacred volcano - but without any visible effect.

An eruption is taken as a sign that the god is very angry. "It is our hope that nothing untoward will occur during this Kasada," said a festival participant.

And this hope was fulfilled as the ritual procession made its way across the desert plain - the Sand Sea - surround­ing Bromo and up through the cloud-covered, chilly heights to its peak.

There, Tengger shamans prayed as others amassed the offerings they had carried up the volcano's slopes, then released them into the gaping crater. (The Jakarta Post, Sunday, September 24, 2006, pg. 20)