Friday, January 18, 2008

Packing Food For Travelling

After working hard on weekdays, week end travelling is much awaited. Even packing food is fun. How disappointed we will be, however, if on arrival the food is no longer edible.

It might be, the process of packing is not good enough. Remember that some kind of food cannot be packed in ordinary plastic bags for several hours. Note the following tips:

1. To save cooking time at the destination, marinate beef, chicken or fish from home. To keep them fresh, keep in a cooler box filled with ice blocks. Use adequate ice blocks in accordance with the quantity of food and length of travel time.

2. Put the cooler box in the cabin of your car where the temperature is cool due to the air conditioner. Do not put it in the baggage.

3. As soon as you arrive at the hotel, put the food in the refrigetator, to prevent decay. If there is no refrigerator, food can only be kept in the cooler box for 1 or 2 days. You also have to change or add the ice blocks.

4. If necessary take two cooler boxes, the other one for keeping things you often take out, for instance cool drinks, chocolate and other snacks. Opening cooler boxes frequently will ruin food such as meat.

5. If you bring raw meat, keep it dry as water in the plastic bag will damage the meat more quickly.

6. Separate cooked or half cooked food with the raw ones to prevent contamination.

7. Vegetables should be wrapped in plastic bags with holes in them to keep the contents frexh.