Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Adventure by Car

Some tips adventure by car:
1. Choose partner the journey fitting in with your personality. This more important compared to choosing the route because your partner will very determine do journey will become beautiful memory or also become the nightmare. Important to remember that people which have often use spare time with your, can cataclysmic become monster when we have to be trapped with during 24 at 7 day one week.
2. After having good partner, invite him/her to open map and determine the journey route. Don't forget to accomodate the route with owned time.
3. Dig the information as much as possible concerning route which have been determined: is condition the way good, or is there any interesting attraction.
4. Estimate the journey time to be having the picture to desist where is, good to merely rest or do something.
5. Check the car condition, especially air filter, timing belts, oli, radiator water, condition of tire, wiper, lamp signal, rem lamp, and lamp far. Labour that checking is done from far day and is done the test drive to ascertain the car condition have really prima.
6. Pay attention the wheater condition alongside route.
7. Clean the car before going. Do the covering ground in clean car is generating mood the good.
8. Prepare equipments of emergency in car, including dramamine.
9. Cassette stock or CD hobby music to dissipate to tire of in journey.
10. Ascertaining a period to applying the plate, car letters, and Driving licence (SIM) you and who is even also gentian to drive.
11. Tanking up tanki gasoline when leaving apprehensive unnecessary so that look for pom gasoline.
12. Preparing the mental to experience of the unforeseen things during journey. All that will become the additional capital of story for your offspring in future.